An intelligent vending machine is more than just a way to increase sales. Now they can also provide valuable insights into who’s buying what, when, and what their mindset is at the time of purchase. Intelligent vending is the ultimate direct-to-customer distribution, and the data you collect will benefit your marketing strategy well beyond just POS.

The analytics that have long been standard in the ecommerce world can now be available to you just as easily. With mall traffic reducing, more and more companies are seeking new and novel ways to expand their reach. Vending machines are a low risk way to increase brand visibility and reach new markets. A vending machine works 24 hours a day, doesn’t take breaks, call in sick, or expect a paycheck.


Our intelligent vending software offers an unparalleled peek into the world of your target. Our vending machines can detect age and gender with 92% accuracy. This understanding into the profile of your customer can help to determine what and how you market to your demographic with exacting accuracy.

Features & Benefits

  • Determine gender, age, emotional state, and engagement at POS
  • Provide a safe experience with ID verification (for regulated and higher-end products)
  • Engage with customers beyond POS by allowing them to opt-in email and create an account at the machine
  • Account creation increases customer loyalty and engagement
  • Make purchasing easier. No cash, no card, no problem! Includes Apple and Android pay, along with the exclusive ability to ‘Pay With Face’™.


Smart vending machines offer a richer experience at POS. More engaging marketing means fewer missed sales opportunities. Analytics help determine exactly what’s selling and who’s buying, optimizing your efforts and improving your bottom line.

Features & Benefits

  • Count people walking by to calculate conversion rate
  • Gain consumer insights by capturing engagement and emotion
  • Optimize marketing dollars by measuring the effectiveness of your advertising
  • Customize your offering to who’s buying and when by creating customer profiles and traffic pattern data for each location
  • Engage customers with on-site surveys
  • Engage customers after PoS with Social Media
  • Customer social media postings increase visibility of products and brand
  • Increase referrals through customer word of mouth and social media postings


Impulse buying is a well known, but less understood phenomenon. With our vending technology, now you have a clearer window into the mindset of your customer. Our software can detect emotions, and provide you with a new way of understanding what triggers consumer behavior. We can track how long a consumer spends at the machine, what they’re looking at, and what their state of mind is at POS.


The vending machine can become a marketing and analytic hub for your business. Our fully customizable platform connects you to your vending machine in real time, creating a dashboard for you to manage all aspects of its operation, from advertising analytics to inventory reports, as well as providing a more streamlined experience for your customer.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplify purchase with digital payment processing
  • Keep product on shelves with real time sales and inventory reports
  • Streamline POS and eliminate waste with digital receipts
  • Provide a richer experience by enabling social sharing after purchase
  • Option to ship to an address
  • Advertising platform and management
  • Enterprise level analysis suite
  • There is a unique opportunity for brands to purchase or lease a vending machine to sell your products. For more information on this business opportunity click here.