Vending machines are now a part of the internet of things, and your customers will be demanding the increased capabilities that our software offers. Our software can be integrated into your existing machines, providing a better product to potential buyers and operators. The value of an internet-enabled vending machine is easy to recognize, and the customer data and analytics capabilities offer an enticing feature that can help win sales. An internet-enabled vending machine is a powerful marketing and sales tool that will improve your customers’ business, as well as yours.


Our intelligent vending software offers an unparalleled peek into the world of your client’s target. Our vending machines can detect age and gender with 92% accuracy. This understanding into customer profiles is a valuable tool that can improve your offering and provide better returns for your clients.

Features & Benefits

  • Determine gender, age, emotional state, and engagement at POS
  • Provide a safe experience with ID verification (for regulated and higher-end products)
  • Engage with customers beyond POS by allowing them to create an account at the machine


Smart vending machines offer a richer experience at POS. More engaging marketing means fewer missed sales opportunities. Analytics help determine exactly what’s selling and who’s buying, optimizing your client’s efforts and improving their bottom line.


Impulse buying is a well known, but less understood phenomenon. With our vending technology, now your customers have a clearer window into the mindset of your customer. Our software can detect emotions, and provide you with a new way of understanding what triggers consumer behavior. We can track how long a consumer spends at the machine, what they’re looking at, and what their state of mind is at POS.


The vending machine can become a marketing and analytic hub for your clients’ business. Our fully customizable platform connects businesses to their machines in real time, creating a dashboard for management of all aspects of its operation, from advertising analytics to inventory reports, as well as providing a more streamlined experience for customers.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplify purchase with digital payment processing
  • Keep product on shelves with real time sales and inventory reports
  • Streamline POS and eliminate waste with digital receipts
  • Provide a richer experience by enabling social sharing after purchase
  • Option to ship to an address
  • Advertising platform and management
  • Enterprise level analysis suite


Inventory monitoring means your customers know exactly what’s selling, what isn’t, who’s buying, and how often machines need to be restocked.

There is a unique opportunity for manufacturers to integrate data and analytics software into new and existing machines. For more information click here.