Smarter vending machines mean more profits and fewer headaches. Update your vending machines to be more advanced than 90% of vending machines in the market through wi-fi capabilities, cloud storage, advanced payment features, an exclusive dashboard and real time inventory management.


The vending machine can become a marketing and analytic hub for your business. Our fully customizable platform connects you to your vending machine in real time, creating a dashboard for you to manage all aspects of its operation, from advertising analytics to inventory reports, as well as providing a more streamlined experience for your customer.

Features & Benefits

  • Simplify purchase with digital payment processing
  • Keep product on shelves with real time sales and inventory reports
  • Streamline POS and eliminate waste with digital receipts
  • Provide a richer experience by enabling social sharing after purchase
  • Option to ship to an address
  • Advertising platform and management
  • Enterprise level analysis suite


Inventory monitoring means you know exactly what’s selling, what isn’t, who’s buying, and how often machines need to be restocked.

Features & Benefits

  • What’s selling: Bestselling products are easily identified by location of items, location of vending machines and sales velocity.
  • What isn’t selling: Remote monitoring of inventories means less unnecessary trips, minimizing the time and cost of maintenance.
  • Who’s buying: Consumer analytics can inform decisions about which machine placements will yield the most profits, helping reduce trial and error when installing


  • Determine gender, age, emotional state, and engagement at POS
  • Provide a safe experience with ID verification (for regulated and higher-end products)
  • Engage with customers beyond POS by allowing them to opt-in email and create an account at the machine
  • Account creation increases customer loyalty and engagement
  • Make purchasing easier. No cash, no card, no problem! Includes Apple and Android pay, along with the exclusive ability to “Pay With Face” ™.


Impulse buying is a well-known, but less understood phenomenon. With our vending technology, now your customers have a clearer window into the mindset of your customer. Our software can detect emotions, and provide your customers with a new way of understanding what triggers consumer behavior. We can track how long a consumer spends at the machine, what they’re looking at, and what their state of mind is at POS.


Smart vending machines offer a richer experience at POS. More engaging marketing means fewer missed sales opportunities. Analytics help determine exactly what’s selling and who’s buying, optimizing your efforts and improving your bottom line.

Features & Benefits

  • Count people walking by to calculate conversion rate
  • Gain consumer insights by capturing engagement and emotion
  • Optimize marketing dollars by measuring the effectiveness of your advertising
  • Customize your offering to who’s buying by creating customer profiles and traffic pattern data for each location
  • Engage customers with on-site surveys
  • Engage customers after PoS with Social Media
  • Increase Referrals through visibility from customer social media postings

There is a unique opportunity for vending operators to integrate data and analytics software into new and existing machines. For more information click here.

Business Case on Intelligent Vending – DOWNLOAD PDF HERE